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About Us

Clarence Sweigart began Mt. View Pony Farm in 1955. Some vestiges of the original Mt. View Pony Farm name can still be found around the premises if one knows where to look. Clarence, eventually known simply as “Grandpa,” made the switch from Shetlands to Hackneys, and the rest is history. Clarence drove and showed ponies into his 80s, and he watered the horses at the farm every day–with his walker–beyond that. He left us at the age of 92. He is greatly missed.

We have always been and will always be a family operation. Galen Sweigart, Clarence’s son, assisted on the farm from the start. And to this day, Galen and his wife Marlene, Brook’s parents, still contribute integrally to the daily operations. Galen manages most of the grounds and maintenance, while Marlene runs a tight ship in everything else. Brook’s husband, Todd Reed, carries the workloads for haymaking and farming.

A third-generation horsewoman, Brook Sweigart-Reed grew up around the horses. As a child she tried to convince her pony, Geewhizz, into the swimming pool, and as a teenager she made waves in equitation and performance divisions atop her American Saddlebred, Vision’s Mystic Ray. Then in 1985, she took over the helm of the family farm. Brook expanded the training and lesson programs, and Sweigart Stables transformed into what it is today.

We’ve had the privilege of building relationships with many of our customers over decades, not months or seasons. We are a true family operation with a proud history. And we hope you’ll join us and become part of that history as we continue forging the next chapter of Sweigart Stables!

Sweigart Stables