755 South Ridge Road, Denver, PA 17517

Sweigart’s History

Sweigart’s activities have included a Christmas party, chicken barbeques, holiday gymkhana “Fun Days,” a spring practice show, otherwise known as the Fun and Fuzzy Show; and the “Pattern Challenge.” We’ve also sported Dr. Seuss hats in the Two-to-Ride class at shows. In decades past, we’ve gone rollerblading, set up a haunted barn and hayride, engaged in horseback Easter egg and scavenger hunts, and “tortured” the horses with all manner of costumes. Luckily, they don’t mind!

Many thanks to our staff, friends, and all of our customers–both present and past–for their help in making Sweigart Stables the unique family atmosphere we love. Thanks also to our farrier and vet for being part of the team and keeping our horses so healthy. See more about what it means to be part of Sweigart Stables in the pictures below.