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Retirement Care for Aged Horses

Retirement horse care in PennsylvaniaOver the years, Sweigart Stables has had the honor of caring for many horses in the golden years of their lives. We have a special love for these horses and welcome them into our barn. Currently, the vast majority of our horses (about 90%!) are over 20 years old. Most of them were formerly part of the show string, and our customers have chosen to keep them with us as their forever home. Our oldest resident was Chimes, aka Knight’s Wind Chimes, pictured to the left. A Morgan born in 1983, we cared for him for more than 35 of his 40 years, until we said goodbye in the spring of 2023. Click here to see our tribute to him.

Sweigart’s is an ideal home for your retired horse. The owners live on the premises to provide 24/7 care. Our main barn is heated. Therefore, the older horses do not have the burden of carrying heavy, bulky winter blankets. Our heated barn is especially helpful when dealing with the long hair issues associated with Cushing’s disease. We are familiar with helping our older equines maintain their good health as they age, and we are comfortable handling any variety of medical issue that may arise.

We use the SmartPak supplement system, or you can provide your own supplements. We normally feed twice a day. However, a third “lunchtime” meal can also be provided as digestive and weight issues become a factor for our older friends. We have fields of pastures with run-in sheds and plenty of trees. Daily turnout, light exercise, and handling for veterinarian and farrier appointments are all available.

In addition, we have an active farm where horses receive plenty of attention and love. Our main barn is often bustling with activity, but we also have a smaller barn on the other side of the farm that can provide a quieter, more intimate atmosphere. When it comes time to say your final goodbye, we can help you to make arrangements and to facilitate the experience that you want and that your horse deserves.